Welcome to the BPM Detector Tutorial!


This tutorial will give you a quick introduction to the BPM Detector software. BPM Detector is designed to allow you to quickly measure and record the tempos of your entire digital music collection. Please read on to find out how!

Analyzing your music

Use the following procedure to analyze your digital audio tracks. Please note: Only a licensed copy of BPM DETECTOR PRO supports analyzing directly from compact disc or from WAV files. Further more the DEMO (BPM DETECTOR LIGHT) is limited to 3 MP3 at a time and does not have the renaming and the manual beat detection function.
  1. Launch BPM Detector.
  2. Either select the drive containing the compact disc you wish to analyze from the drop down list of available drives, or browse for the folder containing the files you wish to analyze.
    Select a drive Select a folder
  3. BPM Detector will scan the drive or folder you selected and display a list of the audio tracks that it found. All of the tracks will automatically be selected for analysis as shown below.
    Track display
  4. If you only want to analyze some of the tracks, you may select one or more tracks in the list by left clicking on them. To select multiple tracks, left click on the first track and then hold down the Ctrl key and left click on the remaining tracks you wish to select.
  5. To begin analysis of the selected track(s), left click on the "Go" button.
    Analyze selected tracks
  6. While the tracks are being analyzed, you will see the results of the analysis show up as BPM values in the track list as indicated at letter A in the diagram below. Progress of the analysis of the current track is indicated by the progress bar shown at letter B. The track currently being analyzed is indicated at letter C.
    The analysis process
  7. Once all the tracks have been analyzed, you will be presented with the option of saving a log of the analysis.
    Save a log file
  8. If the selected tracks were WAV or MP3 files, you will be given the option of renaming the files to include the BPM values. If you select "Yes" at this point, the files that were analyzed will be renamed according to the options selected in the main window. By default files will be renamed with the BPM value preceding the existing file name.
    Rename or copy the source files
  9. And that's all there is to it! For more details please see the complete BPM DETECTOR HELP MANUAL PRO & DEMO VERSION. Be sure to check the BONUS CD insert.zip file included with BPM DETECTOR PRO, to easily create CD insert by using the BPM information you get from the bpmlog.txt.